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March 18, 2014
stripes x denim
April 3, 2014

baby blues

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Photos by Nasrul Rohmat
(Club L off-shoulder body via Asos, vintage skirt via Bugis Village, earrings c/o Ho5hana & Co., Charles & Keith lucite heels, watch from Italy, Forever New pearl clutch)

My circle of friends has always been a great source of sartorial inspiration. As a style chameleon, I’m constantly trying out new looks. As long as I feel comfortable and confident in it, I’m easily satisfied. Of course there were many a times I had misses, wearing clothes that don’t fit right, or looking too pudgy and whatnots. I suppose having a high self-esteem works in my favour too, but so’s my nonchalant attitude towards risk-taking in fashion.

For this particular look, I turned to vintage clothing after having frequent shopping trips with a friend who is crazy for them. Why the hell not, right? I wasn’t quite sure of my own styling, especially since Nasrul commented, “Ew!” when he first saw me (but I’ve come to brush off his comments now, can’t always please a man). Still on a see-saw with this whole vintage fashion, but I’m not ready to give up just yet. More explorations to come!


  1. feefiefoefum says:

    hi babe are the C&K heels comfortable? =)

  2. It was crazy painful for the first few times because the front was way too narrow but I kept wearing them anyway and now they've expanded. Real comfy now. You just gotta stick to it before all's fine. 🙂

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